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1 a person employed to watch for something to happen [syn: lookout, lookout man, sentinel, sentry, watch, spotter, scout]
2 a detachment of troops guarding an army from surprise attack
3 a protester posted by a labor organization outside a place of work
4 a vehicle performing sentinel duty
5 a wooden strip forming part of a fence [syn: pale]


1 serve as pickets or post pickets; "picket a business to protest the lay-offs"
2 fasten with a picket; "picket the goat"

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  1. A stake driven into the ground.
    A picket fence.
  2. A tool in mountaineering, that is driven into the snow and used as an anchor or to arrest falls.
  3. A protest organized by a labour union.
    Pickets normally endeavor to be non-violent.
  4. Soldiers or troops placed on a line forward of a position to warn against an enemy advance. It can also refer to any unit (for example, an aircraft or ship) performing a similar function.
    Pickets warned of enemy troops approaching from the west.


a stake driven into the ground
a protest organized by a labour union
Soldiers or troops


  1. to protest organized by a labour union. Typically in front of the location of employment.

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Argus, Charley, advance guard, airplane spotter, anchor, armed guard, bank guard, bar, beef, bind, bitch, blockade, boggle, box in, boycott, bridle, bulkhead in, call in question, chain, challenge, coast guard, complain, cordon, cordon sanitaire, cry out against, demonstrate, demonstrate against, demonstrator, demur, dismember, dispute, draw and quarter, enchain, enclose, enter a protest, entrammel, expostulate, fasten, fence, fence in, fetter, fire patrolman, fire warden, fireguard, flying squadron, forward observer, garrison, go on strike, go out, goalie, goalkeeper, goaltender, goon, goon squad, grill, guard, guarder, guardsman, gyve, hamper, handcuff, hedge, hem, hem in, hobble, hog-tie, hold out, holler, hopple, howl, impale, inlying picket, jailer, keelhaul, kick, lash, leash, leg, lock out, lookout, lookout man, make fast, manacle, march, moor, night watchman, object, observer, outguard, outpost, pale, paling, palisade, patrol, patroller, patrolman, peg, peg down, picket line, picketer, picquet, pile, pin down, pinion, post, press objections, protest, protester, put in irons, rack, rail, raise a howl, rally, rear guard, remonstrate, restrain, revolt, rope, roundsman, scout, scruple, secure, security guard, sentinel, sentry, shackle, shank, shut in, shut it down, sit down, sit in, slow down, spile, spotter, squawk, stake, stanchion, state a grievance, straitjacket, strap, strike, striker, strong-arm man, tar and feather, teach in, tether, tie, tie down, tie up, torture, train guard, trammel, upright, van, vanguard, vedette, vertical, walk out, wall, wall in, ward, warder, watch, watcher, watchkeeper, watchman, yell bloody murder
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